Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB)

    The Advertising Standards Bureau (the Bureau) manages the complaint resolution process of the advertising self-regulation system. Its vision is to be the foremost authority in Australia for adjudication of complaints about advertising and marketing communications.The Bureau functions as secretariat for the Advertising Standards Board and the Advertising Claims Board – the two independent bodies were established to determine consumer and competitive complaints against the advertising self-regulatory Codes. The Bureau exists to give voice to consumer values and guide industry in maintaining decent, honest advertising aligning with prevailing community values.The objects for which the Bureau was established are:to establish and monitor a self-regulatory system to regulate advertising standards in Australiato promote confidence in and respect for the general standards of advertising on the part of the community and the legislatorsto explain the role of advertising in a free enterprise system, andto run whatever other regulatory system it may be contracted to run from time to time.

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