China Vanguard Group

    China Vanguard Group Limited is listed on the Growth Enterprises Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The Company and its subsidiaries operates predominantly in the lottery and property markets in China. CVG is one of the most comprehensive lottery services providers in the China Lottery sector with operations in five jurisdictions on the Mainland. These operations span from the provision of in-house developed software and hardware to Chinese Lottery Authorities through to the establishment of the Group’s own network of lottery points of sales selling China Lottery Authorities’ products. In addition to boasting a number of firsts in the China Lottery sector, CVG is also an Associate Member of the World Lottery Association. On the property side, the Group is the single largest shareholder, with a 34 precent stake and board control, of the Guizhou Dalong China Vanguard Development Company Limited. This non-wholly-owned property subsidiary has rights to landscape and put in infrastructure and share in profits on sale of up to 30km2 of industrial and commercial land in the Guizhou Dalong Economic Development Zone, a major Government supported industrial zone in Guizhou Province. This venture has a profit guarantee from the Zone’s authorities.

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