Coastal Resources Management

    The Coastal Resources Management Office has the following powers, functions and duties;To coordinate the planning and implementation of the coastal resources management policies by the Commonwealth government;To review and monitor Commonwealth government activities for their consistency with the coastal resources management policies;To provide for the coordination and decisions on whether federal activities affecting the coastal resources of the Commonwealth are consistent with the coastal resources policies and regulations;To administer all programs and receive all funding provided by the federal government regarding coastal resources management related programs;To review and act on the subgranting of federal funds to carry out coastal resources management objectives;To regularly publish the status of permit activities and the means by which any person may request a public hearing;To establish and operate a broad and effective public education and information program;To provide staff support for the Coastal Advisory Council and Appeals Board;(Coastal Advisory Council is abolished and its functions is transferred to the Development Advisory Council)To ensure the consistency of permit decisions with coastal resources management policies and regulations provided for in 2 CMC §§ 1511 AND 1531;To coordinate the permit process;To promote the economic development of coastal resources consistent with coastal resources management policies;To ensure that any proposed modifications to the coastal resources management regulations provided for in 2 CMC § 1531 are consistent with the coastal resources management policies set forth in 2 CMC § 1511; andTo initiate the intergovernmental conflict resolution procedures described in 2 CMC §1532 (d) when interpretation by the Coastal Resources Management Office of the Commonwealth’s obligations under this chapter conflicts with the interpretation of any other Commonwealth department, agency, office, or instrumentality.

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