Commonwealth Casino Commission

    Commonwealth Casino Commission is the gaming regulatory body for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

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    Tinian looks to CCC for guidance on regulations

    The Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission is requesting guidance from the Commonwealth Casino Commission in regards to regulations in Tinian, in light of a potential new casino investment. The investor, Bridge Investment Group is developing a 300-room casino resort on Tinian which is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2020.  Tinian is also […]

    Casino Commission applies for law enforcement authority

    Commonwealth Casino Commission chairman Juan M. Sablan and executive director Edward C. Deleon have asked lawmakers to grant law enforcement powers to the commission, in order to better investigate and enforce gaming-related laws, Marianas Variety reports.  In a joint letter to the House Committee on Judiciary & Governmental Operations, Sablan and Deleon said that it […]

    Imperial Pacific confirms online gaming aspirations

    Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific International confirmed it would be interested in online gaming operations on Saipan should the government pass legislation.

    IPI looks to December for hotel resort completion

    Imperial Pacific International is likely going to be missing its August 2018 deadline, and is currently in the process of applying for an extension to December, Saipan Tribune reports. IPI’s request came during a presentation at the Commonwealth Casino Commission regular meeting held on Thursday. “The development of the resort hotel experienced a big jump […]

    IPI confirms it will be seeking for construction deadline extension

    Imperial Pacific International (IPI) has confirmed it will be asking the CNMI government for an extension for the completion of its integrated resort in Garapan. Deadline for the resort’s completion is August 31, 2018, however, IPI said a deadline extension is required as a result of the termination of construction services by certain companies and […]

    Confusing bill leads to CCC to drop Rota and Tinian representation

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission will cease its representation of Rota and Tinian as of today, as terms for the commissioners representing both islands expire, local media reports. Commissioners Justin Manglona and Martin San Nicolas represent Rota and Tinian on the commission, but under current provisions, no commissioners are allowed to be reappointed to the commission […]

    CCC recommends $200,000 maximum penalty

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission is recommending to set the maximum fine imposed on Imperial Pacific International to $200,000, local media reports. The House Gaming Committee initially proposed to set the maximum penalty to $5 million per violation. However, Edward Deleon Guerrero said the fine was “excessive,” and recommended instead a $200,000 penalty ceiling. “…In any […]

    IPI to complete hotel portion by August 2018

    Imperial Pacific International says it expects to complete the construction of its villas by January of next year, while 374 hotel rooms are expected to complete in August 2018, Marianas Variety reports. The operator shared its progress with the Commonwealth Casino Commission on Thursday. IPI added that it is also focusing on completing the food […]

    Imperial Pacific casino gets green light — with conditions

    Imperial Pacific has been given the go-ahead to open its casino on Saipan provided it meets certain conditions, primarily related to health and safety. The Marianas Variety cited Commonwealth Casino Commission executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero as saying that the opening can occur once the requested information has been received and the tasks completed to […]

    CCC investigates another IPI contractor

    Saipan’s casino regulator is investigating the company contracted to construct baccarat tables for Saipan’s newest casino for illegal labor practices, Marianas Variety reports. The Commonwealth Casino Commission executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero said the company, cmcmacau com, a contractor for Imperial Pacific International is not a registered business or employer in the commonwealth. Its workers […]

    CCC defers decision on IPI opening to next week

    The decision to allow the opening of Saipan’s newest casino operated by Imperial Pacific International will be deferred to next week after the Commonwealth Casino Commission raised concerns of safety, local media reports. According to the Saipan Tribune, the CCC board met with IPI representatives on Tuesday to talk  about whether to allow the operator […]

    IPI on the verge of opening casino

    Saipan’s Department of Public Works has finally approved Imperial Pacific’s conditional certificate of occupancy, bringing the casino operator one step closer to opening the casino portion of its resort project. According to local media, the permit was reportedly issued on Tuesday, with IPI now required to get approvals from the Commonwealth Casino Commission before it […]

    Saipan regulator urges IPI to step in

    Saipan’s casino regulator is urging Imperial Pacific International to get involved in the recent fiasco involving illegal workers at IPI’s casino construction site, Marianas Variety reports. During a board meeting on Wednesday at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, the commissioners told IPI legal counsel Charles McDonalds that the controversy was tarnishing the company’s reputation. Commissioner Alvaro […]

    IPI casino soft opening at end-March

    Imperial Pacific International (IPI) is planning a “soft opening” of its new casino on Mar. 31, but Saipan’s casino regulator has urged caution, according to a report from Marianas Variety. On Thursday, Imperial Pacific representatives updated the Commonwealth Casino Commission and members of the House Committee on Gaming of the progress of its integrated resort […]
    IPI proposes paying half of license fee now, half later

    CCC praises Imperial Pacific’s employment initiatives

    Commonwealth Casino Commission officials have praised the efforts made by Imperial Pacific in hiring and training the local workforce in line with its employment plan and federal requirements, local media reports. Last week, 15 individuals completed the Baccarat Dealer Training provided by the casino operator, and are now certified to work on the casino floor. […]

    Best Sunshine is compliant of AML laws: CCC

    Commonwealth Casino Commission executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero has defended recent claims brought by a Bloomberg report against Best Sunshine in Saipan, saying it is complying with all federal AML laws, local media reports. Imperial Pacific came under the spotlight last week after it was alleged that the temporary casino had earned the suspicion of […]

    Saipan regulator turns back certain junket operators

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission has returned some of the applications of junket operators aiming to supply Saipan’s Best Sunshine International with VIP players. CCC executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero said they are still going through the vetting process and the background checks before they could issue another provisional license for an applicant. In September, CCC […]

    BSI submits annual workforce plan

    The CNMI Department of Labor is now reviewing Best Sunshine International’s annual workforce plan to ensure its compliance with the law, local media reports. The plan was submitted on October 4, which is a requirement of the casino license agreement, said Labor Secretary Edith Deleon Guerrero on Tuesday. The plan details the number of local, […]

    No limit to junket operators in Saipan: Regulator

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission says there will be no-limit on the number of junket operators allowed to do business in Saipan once the Imperial Pacific Resort and Hotel opens next year. “No number [limit] for the junket operators. The live training facility that currently operates only has five VIP rooms, but when the Grand Mariana […]

    Imperial Pacific to abide by license agreement

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International says it will continue to abide by the conditions of its license agreement in regards to imported labor, local media reports.  In a statement to local media, the company said: “[IPI] would continue to follow and meet what is required based on the exclusive casino license agreement. Currently the […]

    Regulator asks IPI to double check local employee numbers

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission has asked Imperial Pacific if it still meets the required number of local hires amid recent resignations or terminations of local employees. Earlier this week, the Saipan casino operator said it will continue to abide by the conditions of its license agreement in regards to imported labor. In a statement to […]

    Saipan issues provisional license to Korean junket

    Saipan’s gaming regulator has issued a provisional license to Korea-based junket operator, Big Bang Entertainment, local media reports. The provisional license was issued by the Commonwealth Casino Commission on August 11, 2016 to Du Young Jang who owns Big Bang Entertainment LLC, and will expire on August 31, 2017. Deleon Guerrero, executive director of the […]

    Junket operator applications finalized for Saipan Casino

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission has approved regulations and guidelines that would allow junket operators to bring high rollers to the Saipan Casino, local media reports. Owner of the Saipan Casino, Best Sunshine International Ltd, as well as commission executive Edward C Deleon Guerrero said  they will be anticipating applications soon. “The success of Best Sunshine, […]