Don Best Sports

    Don Best is the leading global supplier of real-time betting data relevant to North American sporting events.Founded more than 20 years ago, our subscription-based information service is powered by a team of 40 sports industry veterans and provides continuous critical updates regarding all covered matches and competitions to enable our customers to effectively track and determine proper betting lines.Furthermore, the company aggregates and displays odds published by over 60 worldwide sportsbook operators on a real-time basis, making said data available via our proprietary client server software as well as through an XML delivery model.It also creates high-value video content related to North American sports to enhance the user experience within any online website environment. With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada – the gaming capital of the world – and Vancouver, British Columbia, we are uniquely positioned to provide tailored content solutions to meet the needs of all sportsbook operators with a focus on traditional American sports.


    Benjie Cherniak

    Benjie Cherniak is Managing Director of Don Best Sports, a leading provider of sports information products and services related to the provision of real-time, fact-based information relevant to the North American sports betting industry.With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Benjie oversees the organization’s sports information platform, automated data distribution, live pricing division and ancillary consulting services. Benjie has spearheaded international growth via tailored solutions to tier-one sportsbook operators in Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond. More recently, under Benjie’s supervision, Don Best has introduced (a) an in-play pricing product for North American based sports that has rapidly gained market acceptance; and (b) a data integrity offering to assist North American based sport leagues in detecting fraudulent betting patterns. With 10 years of industry experience, Benjie has gained significant insights and contacts within the sports information space and enjoys a strong reputation with his peers.

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