Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)


    The Esports Integrity Coalition is a not for profit members’ association established in 2015 by key esports stakeholders to deal with issues of common interest – in particular the threat that match manipulation and betting fraud and other integrity challenges pose to esports.Membership of ESIC centres around key Principles that the members have agreed and they have also agreed to be bound by a Code of Ethics to govern their behaviour amongst themselves. ESIC is an historic coalition of businesses that are usually in competition with each other, but recognise that they are all threatened by attacks on the integrity of esports.ESIC carried out a Threat Assessment in 2015 to determine what its priorities ought to be in deploying its limited resources to combat corruption. TheAssessment makes interesting reading in itself, but it is what it resulted in that is most important. ESIC now knows that the most significant threats to esports are, in order of priority:Cheating to win using software cheatsOnline attacks to slow or disable an opponentMatch-FixingDopingThere are other threats, but these are the main ones. ESIC deals with those threats by publishing a participants’ Code of Conduct to deal with cheating to win, an Anti-Corruption Code to deal with match-fixing and an Anti-Doping Policy and it will work with each member to implement these Codes into their businesses in a way most appropriate to them. This will create a common regulatory framework for dealing with threats to integrity. The Codes are bound together by common Definitions and a unified Disciplinary Procedure.ESIC also understands that participant education is the best deterrent to corruption and ESIC officials and delegates provide a comprehensive education programme for members and participants that consists of face to face presentations, an online interactive tutorial and printed materials, text and email alerts and updates.ESIC is designed to be scalable and open to new members of any size. Ultimately, it aims to welcome all meaningful stakeholders in esports and enquiries and applications should be directed to the Integrity Commissioner.

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