Macau Gaming Research Association (MGRA)


    The Macau Gaming Research Association (MGRA) held its first General Meeting and announced its establishment officially at Hotel Lisboa on the 6th of October, 2003.The MGRA is a non-profit making organization. Its aims are to:To promote studies about the gaming industry’s strategies and to explore new issues and challenges in Macau and other parts of the world with a rational, scientific, objective and fair approach in order to enhance the gaming industry’s healthy development;To strengthen the relationship and exchange experience with other related professional associations worldwide;To liaise and unite members, and to facilitate better interaction and communication among themTo participate and support public welfare activities in Mainland China and Macau.Since the establishment of the MGRA, it has undertaken many works such as publishing the first issue of “The Journal of Macau Gaming Research Association”, building the library and conducting “mystery shopper’s survey” among all casinos. The MGRA is devoted to the development of the Macau’s gaming industry and is making its best endeavors to contribute to Macau’s overall economic growth.

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