Mariana Resort & Spa

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    Kan Pacific to assign remaining lease to Best Sunshine

    Best Sunshine International is taking over the remaining term on a lease held by Kan Pacific on the island of Saipan, according to Marianas Variety. The lease is scheduled to run through 2018. Best Sunshine will continue to operate Mariana Resort & Spa for at least a year, the report said. A statement provided to […]

    Best Sunshine to compete for rival’s land in Saipan

    Best Sunshine International plans to bid for land currently held by rival Mariana Resort & Spa to build its new integrated resort on Saipan, local media reports. The land is in Marpi, one of the most coveted areas on the island. Best Sunshine plans to build the world’s largest water park, thousands of hotel rooms, […]

    For Saipan business leaders size does matter

    When Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific announced it was doubling the size of its planned casino development on the South Pacific island of Saipan to $7 billion some analysts began scratching their heads.Local business leaders argue that the new complex, with plans for 4,000 hotel rooms, 1,600 gaming tables and 3,500 slot machines, is too large for the island to support. Saipan lacks the necessary infrastructure, transport links and manpower for such large-scale projects, prompting questions as to what is the right size.