Flight park and entertainment complex opens in Tokoname

    Chubu Centrair International Airport in Tokoname city, which is likely moving forward with an IR bid, will open on Friday a major component of its associated entertainment complex located right on Airport Island—the Flight of Dreams.

    Flight of Dreams includes what it calls a “flight park,” a Boeing Store, and a shopping and food area called Seattle Terrace.

    The main attraction is the first Boeing 787 jetliner, which was donated by the company to Aichi Prefecture several years ago. Surrounding it are nine interactive exhibits explaining various aspects of aviation, including a flight simulator.

    Seattle Terrace includes more than fifteen food outlets, many with a Seattle, Washington, theme.

    The Aichi Prefectural Government recently received proposals from 31 companies for its RFI process titled “City of International Tourism Focused on MICE.” Should it move forward with an IR bid and obtain a license, the Flight of Dreams complex would necessarily be closely associated, or perhaps an integral part, of the Tokoname IR.