Arrested match-fixer spills beans on associates, tactics


A Singaporean arrested in Finland in 2011 has been steadily spilling the beans on his former associates, in retaliation for them having shopped him to the police.  Chris Evans,, former head of security at FIFA, told reporters that Wilson Raj Perumal is the first match-fixer to have been caught in this manner.  Perumal served half of a two-year jail sentence in Finland, then spent a year under house arrest in Hungary, but is also wanted in Singapore for injuring a police officer and skipping town after receiving a five-year sentence.  To avoid extradition to Singapore, he has been capitalizing on his knowledge about the inner workings of an international crime syndicate and assisting security agencies in their investigations.  The syndicate allegedly fixed matches in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas between 2008 and 2010 and made money wagering on outcomes prearranged with players, referees and officials who had been bribed or blackmailed.  The alleged head of this syndicate, which apparently had shareholders in Singapore, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia, is a Singaporean national named Tan Seet Eng, or Dan Tan.  Italian prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Tan and listed him as the number one suspect in their match-fixing investigation.