Augmentum CTO details vision for friction-less gaming

Friction-less gaming was a notable point of discussion during this week’s G2E Asia Online conference, held on May 25. 

The event took place between 10:00 am to 4 pm HKT, gathering a handful of experts in the area of smart gaming and IR technology.

During a session on innovation enhancing smart tables, Augmentum chief technology officer and chief innovation officer Wayne Hom spoke about his vision for a friction-less gaming and customer service environment.

Hom noted that given the restrictions in gaming products, operators should be looking to improve the “velocity” of gaming. He gave the example of Amazon’s “one-click ordering” which was introduced and vastly increased the speed of customers using its platform.

A similar innovation could be brought to the table games space, according to Hom, through the introduction of cashless buy-ins, mobile payments, and digital front money access, even making credit cashless, he said. 

“Dealers taking cash, counting chips, its an additional layer of friction that should be removed,” Hom added that China’s digital RMB could be a game-changer in this regard. 

“It could take away the time-consuming buy-in by using mobile devices to make it frictionless.” 

Similarly, Hom said that this friction-less focus could also be applied to player club memberships. 

“Filling out a form is cumbersome and pushing to the phone isn’t any better.”

Hom says that player club membership should be able to link to social media profiles in order to speed up the registration process. 

Finally, Hom also discussed responsible gaming, noting that “friction-less” doesn’t necessarily equate to more potential harm. 

Casinos and regulators could more easily track when a patron is approaching their set limits, or even if they’ve been excluded from gaming given the rich data that comes from a digital payment infrastructure, according to Hom.