Best Sunshine to bid for Kan Pacific Property

Best Sunshine will submit a proposal for 160 hectares of public land in Marpi that includes the area currently occupied by Kan Pacific/Mariana Resort & Spa, whose lease ends in 2018. The deadline for submission of proposals is May 27, 2016.

Best Sunshine Chief Executive Officer Mark A. Brown said Best Sunshine is still on track for completing Phase I of their $7.1 billion integrated resort project.

Best Sunshine held the grand opening for its temporary casino at T Galleria in Garapan on Saipan on Friday, Nov. 27.

Phase II of the integrated resort will be developed on either the south or north side of the island, and will be 10 times larger than the Garapan site, which consists of four hectares. This will have about 20 hotels, the world’s largest waterpark and a one-kilometer long shopping area, Best Sunshine said.