Brazil could give the go ahead for casinos next year

The President of the Brazilian Institute of Legal Gaming, Magnho José has said that gaming in Brazil could happen as early as 2016.

In a speech during a tourism and trade meeting, José said that with discussions taking place in the legislative branch, the executive and in society, the gaming sector could be legalised by the first quarter, or first half of 2016.

“We have a historic delay of more than 70 years when it comes to the legalization of casinos in Brazil. The country is now the largest exporter of players in the world because casinos have not been legalized.”

José also went on to highlight the benefits job creation and income as seen in countries where the industry has been regulated, adding if gaming were to be legalized, it could initially generate R$16.5 billion (USD$4.4 billion) in tax income for the state.

Chairman of the the Tourism Commission of the House of Representatives Alex Manente agreed: “Brazil receives six million foreign tourists, a number which is far short of our potential. It is high time for the country to discuss and legalize gambling in Brazil, to generate income and jobs.”