Broadcasters offer live odds proposal


Commercial broadcasters introduced a proposed change to their code of practice to restrict promotion of live betting odds during sports telecasts, an issue now under study in a parliamentary inquiry. The plan by Free TV Australia, the broadcasters’ trade group, would forbid commentators and guests from promoting live betting odds during play and for 30 minutes before and after play. However live odds could still be included in advertisements and designated sponsored segments during commercial breaks.  Richard Di Natale, a Greens senator who has been campaigning against the broadcast of live odds, said the proposal would involve no change from current practice.

Meanwhile bookmaker Tom Waterhouse defended his controversial appearances on National Rugby League broadcasts. “For TV to be able to afford broadcast rights, the funding of which is ploughed back into the sport, it needs to stay relevant to advertisers,” he told the parliamentary inquiry. He also said he did not target children through advertising.