Centrebet wins case against Norwegian gambler

A Norwegian gambler who was suing Centrebet and Bet365 after losing over $15 million has lost his case against Centrebet in the Northern Territory Supreme Court.  Bjarte Baasland filed a claim against Centrebet in 2009 for gambling losses claiming that the company was negligent 

in allowing him to gamble as he was a gambling addict and should not have been enticed to bet larger amounts.  Baasland lied to family and friends about his losses, disguising them as dotcom investments gone bad, but ended up causing the bankruptcy of the family.  As Centrebet has a Norwegian bank account, a toll-free number and a homepage in the country, and gamblers can use Norwegian currency to bet on Norwegian sporting events, the Supreme Court of Norway ruled in 2010 that it had a right to hear the case.  Centrebet, registered in the Northern Territory, argued that Australian law should prevail, and claimed that, had it known that Mr Baasland had borrowed the money, it would have stopped him gambling.  Centrebet was recently bought by UK betting giant, William Hill.