Cozy Games launches all new elimination bingo game

Cozy Games has launched an all new Bingo game variant “Wizard of Bingo”.

 Wizard of Bingo follows the traditional pattern of ball call, with the intermittent appearance of the Wizard who curses a number. Each cursed number takes away a lifeline from the tickets. Three curses from the Wizard would take all the lifelines ways and burn the ticket out. However, players can save their tickets from burning with the help of Ruby Shoes that actually save the lifelines of the tickets. There can be multiple winners in a single game and the player left with the maximum number of tickets bags the majority share of the prize amount, followed by the second highest and likewise.

 Speaking on this occasion, Neeraj Jha, Director of Cozy Games says, “Players love to try new games and at Cozy we have always come up with innovative game ideas. Wizard of Bingo is one such game that cuts from the regular run-of-the-mill games by introducing elimination bingo. The game is highly engaging and we hope our players will love the game play experience”

 This game is available across all the sites under the Cozy Games umbrella – LiveBingoNetwork and BetsBingoNetwork.