Crown bouncers fined over clash with couple


Three bouncers at Melbourne’s Crown Casino received fines for assaulting a couple in 2011. Security supervisor Quoc Tran was convicted of assault, intentionally causing injury and false imprisonment and fined A$8,000 ($7,344) for throwing Olivia Ferguson to the ground after she slapped him, believing he had insulted a friend of hers. Judge Lex Lasry said Ferguson posed no threat given the other bouncers present and that he had intentionally inflicted pain in restraining her. Bouncer Jacques Fucile was convicted of false imprisonment and intentionally causing injury to Matthew Anderson, Ferguson’s partner, who had his nose broken and elbow injured when he too was forced to the floor. Fucile was fined $6,000. A third bouncer, Nicholas Levchenko, was fined $2,000. The eligibility of the three to work in security will be suspended. The confrontation began after bouncers asked the couple’s friend Anthony Dunning to leave, believing him to be drunk; Dunning was restrained during the confrontation, suffered a heart attack and died. Three bouncers charged over his death were acquitted.