Debtor database awaits approval from privacy watchdog

Macau’s debtor database is still awaiting approval of the Office for Personal Data Protection Database before it can start operations, Macau TDM reports.

“The IT structure is in place and ready to go. What we’re missing is the go-ahead from the Office for Personal Data Protection. Once the system is cleared, then data can start to be inserted into the system”,  said Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau director Paulo Martins Chan to TDM in a Wednesday report.

In January, Kwok Chi Chung, president of the Macau Association of Gaming and Entertainment Promoters made a similar remark, according to Macau Business Daily.

“Everything is ready and we are now just awaiting the approval from Office for Personal Data Protection”, said Kwok at the time.

The junket-proposed debtor database, which was first announced in November last year, contains the details of high-rollers that owe overdue debts.

During the MGS Entertainment Show, Kwok noted the database would help VIP junket operators prevent overlapping lending, reducing the risk of bad debt.

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