Donaco says Lao Cai project under budget, to open with 40 gaming tables

Donaco International said it plans to open its new five-star hotel and casino in Lao Cai with 40 tables, following discussions with Vietnamese authorities. 

The Ministry of Planning and Investment said the company could have a maximum of 50 tables with a minimum of 26 in an indicative grant. The previous minimum number of tables was set at 16. Authorities also agreed to reset the term of the current license for 30 years from the date of the resort’s planned opening in 2014. The company has also begun discussions with the government on potential new investments in the area in return for a further expansion in its gaming business. The hotel is expected to be built under-budget at $53 million, compared with earlier estimates for $57 million. It’s expected to have a soft opening in March next year with a gaming floor and at least 200 rooms, double its initial projections. The property is expected to be fully open by July next year.