Dynasty fails to pay tax bill


Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino failed to pay any taxes or fees due in the latter half of May, preventing the island’s government from paying any wages to public employees. Many civil servants received only 70 percent of their wages in the previous biweekly paycheck because of payment shortfalls from the casino. 

Tinian Dynasty is the island’s largest private-sector employer but the casino and two executives are scheduled to go on trial next month on charges of conspiring to avoid filing reports to the US government on large cash transactions. US prosecutors last week asked for an arrest warrant issued for casino manager Tim Blythe to be replaced by a criminal summons. He was away from Tinian when US agents raided the casino in April and has not returned, but prosecutors said he plans to appear for arraignment.

The casino was sold last year amid a deal that saw it settle $30 million in local back taxes with a $6.1 million payment. Local legislators are considering a bill to redirect fees from pachinko and poker machines to pay island employees.