Entertainment Gaming Asia and LT Game sign cooperation agreements

Entertainment Gaming Asia Inc. (EGA), an offshoot of Lawrance Ho with gaming operations in emerging Asia Pacific markets, has signed an agreement with Macau based electronic games supplier LT Games for its machines to be used in EGA’s Dreamworld Pailin property in Cambodia on a participation basis.  Under the agreement, 

revenue from the machines will be shared on a 85/15 percent basis between EGA and LT Game respectively.  LT Game is to install and provide maintenance for 30 electronic gaming machines including semi-live electronic baccarat and roulette for an initial term of five years.

In a separate agreement, EGA is to be the exclusive supplier of LT Game products at a designated number of casinos throughout Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The agreement is for a term of six months for Cambodia and Vietnam, and one year for the Philippines, with EGA having the right to renew the contract subject to certain sales targets being reached for subsequent one year terms.