Extension for Guam festival casino requested


The Mayors’ Council of Guam and Guma Mami, a community group that works with disabled adults, asked Governor Eddie Calvo to allow the temporary casino at the Guam Liberation Day Carnival, which benefits Guma Mami, to stay open an extra two weeks. Investors Jason Rui and Go Quang Su paid $708,000 for the concession to operate the casino, twice what they paid last year, but have yet to turn a profit this year, which the council said was an effect of eight days of bad weather. Guma Mami is to receive 10 percent of casino profits. Calvo already granted a week’s extension for the casino at the carnival, which started in May. The carnival this year includes cockfighting for the first time, sponsored by the Agana Heights Athletic Organization; a concession to operate cockfighting had gone without bids for several years.