GEG to offer engineering graduate training

Galaxy Entertainment Group announced that it has become the first gaming operator in Macau to receive accreditation to offer an engineering graduate scheme.

The accreditation of Engineering Graduate Scheme “A” Training will be recognized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

Graduates from the University of Macau with an Electromechanical Bachelor degree or above will be eligible to join the two-year on-job training at GEG. 

Upon completion of the program, trainees who have been assessed by an HKIE qualified internal engineering supervisor will be given an internationally recognized certificate. 

“The program also benefits the trainees for having a faster track to become professional qualified engineers who save at least two years of accumulating hours on other engineering programs and work,” GEG said in a press release.

“To achieve the HKIE accreditation, GEG has undergone a rigorous evaluation on the corporate management, procedures, compliances and core standards. Apart from the overall assessment on its policies, an on-site inspection was also conducted by the Board of Directors of HKIE to ensure all guidelines and facilities meet up to international standard.”