Horse racing faces protests from animal rights movement

Horse racing in Australia and New Zealand is facing a growing protest movement which argues that the sport is inhumane and unnecessary, and that it should be banned.

Sandra Kyle, who is organizing the protest on Thursday at the Wanganui Jockey Club in New Zealand, told the local media, “We want our presence on Thursday to make people stop and think about what it is they’re really supporting when they attend the races and take bets on horses. They’re betting on these noble animals’ lives.”

Through the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses social media accounts and on picket lines, the activists draw attention to injuries and the deaths of racehorses.

“Horses are already being pushed well beyond their limits, with one killed on the racetrack every three days. Add high temperatures and it’s a recipe for disaster,” they wrote in a recent tweet.

Industry representatives have generally refused to comment on the protests when approached by the local media.