Horseshoe opens but floating casinos told to go to sea


All floating casinos must move out to sea by 2016, Manohar Parrikar, chief minister of Goa, said. He said after a cabinet meeting that casinos with licenses expiring before next March 31 will be allowed to renew them for two years with the condition that they move from the Mandovi river within two years while those licenses expiring afterward will not be renewed. “They will not be allowed to operate in any other river,” he said. “It is decided that government will not allow any more offshore casinos in the state.” Operators do not see a move to sea as feasible as choppy monsoon seas that predominate at least four months of the year will put off visits.


Following his comments however, Parrikar granted approval to Delta Corp. to launch the M.V. Horseshoe as Goa’s largest floating casino after almost three months in limbo in the Mandovi. The ship will feature about 1,500 gaming positions but replaces Delta’s Caravela, so no new license is being issued.