Japan eyes measures to curb pachinko

The Japanese government is considering imposing restrictions on existing gambling establishments, including pachinko parlors and race tracks in an effort to tackle addiction, Bloomberg reports.

Japanese gamblers reportedly spent JPY 23.3 trillion (US$209 billion) in pachinko parlours in 2015, but relatively little has been done to combat gambling addiction, according to the Bloomberg report.

In documents obtained by the news outlet, one of the ideas being considered includes an exclusion system which would restrict an individual’s access to pachinko parlors at the request of relatives.

Pachinko operators may also be required to take measures to combat addiction, and an independent body could be set up to oversee progress.

Other regulations to battle problems associated with gambling include banning credit card machines that offer instant cash loans from race tracks, according to the document.

A panel of government ministers is set to approve the document by the end of the week.