Lack of fresh water resources an issue for Nagasaki IR

Although it bills itself as the “sea and islands” IR bid, the Huis Ten Bosch site in Sasebo, Nagasaki, may have the unusual problem of difficulty securing fresh water for the IR development.

As reported by the Nishi-Nihon Shinbun, according to the local Municipal Waterworks Bureau, Sasebo needs approximately 118,000 tons of water per day in case of emergency, while the current supply capacity is 77,000 tons.

The dams in the region are both small and aging, and the major Ishiki Dam, approved by the government in 1975 and meant to secure fresh water resources for the area, has been fiercely opposed by local landowners whose property will be submerged, backed by their many allies among opposition politicians and popular musicians.

Sasebo Mayor Norio Tomonaga said at a press conference on January 31, “I would like to consider how to secure the water resources after the IR operator has been decided.”