Last two members of cheating ring sentenced


The last of six men said to have been part of a ring that cheated the Marina Bay Sands casino of S$92,000 ($72,000) last year have been sentenced to prison. Soh Hai Hon, 46, was sentenced to two year’s imprisonment on six counts of conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust.  Tock Lian Hua was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment on similar counts even though he was previously convicted of cheating. Dealer Chan Chee Tuck, who concocted the scam with Soh, received a two-year sentence last year. Three other defendants, who were said to have gambled at Chan’s table and cheated with him to claim winning bets, were also imprisoned last year while a fourth bettor died.

Separately, police arrested 12 men in a five-hour raid on an alleged illegal gambling den in Geylang. The police seized three mahjong tables and mahjong tiles. One of  the men was believed to be helping manage the den, which police said was “disguised as an association”. The police said nine of the men would be charged while investigations continue into the other four.