Macau government quashes labour review rumours

Following recent comments reported by the media by casino bosses such as Michael Leven and Ambrose So warning that Macau may face a future labour shortage for dealers and other staff, chief executive Fernando Chui Sai On used a press conference during the National Day celebrations to stress that the government had absolutely no plans to review its locals-only dealer policy.  

Secretary for Economy and Finance Francis Tam also seemed keen to dispel any rumors, later insisting that the policy had not changed and there were no plans to change it.  He added, “At this current stage the government is not prepared to start any interactive discussion with the society (public) or study on this matter.”  It is calculated that, should the full amount of 3,366 tables requested for new casinos being planned on Cotai between 2015 and 2018 be approved that another 10,000 dealers would be needed.  However, there have been hints that the government may not necessarily approve the full amount, with Mr Tam repeating the growth would be capped at three percent over the next ten years.