Most Japanese want reconsideration of casino legalization

Public opinion polls taken in the wake of the 500 Dot Com bribery scandal agree that a large majority of the Japanese people want the government to reconsider its policy of casino legalization.

A JNN poll released on Monday, for example, found that 59 percent of the respondents believed it was wrong to simply push ahead with IR development plans, while only 28 percent backed advancing along the current path.

Similarly, a public opinion poll conducted by Kyodo News found that more than 70 percent of Japanese believe that the IR construction plans should be “reviewed” in light of the bribery scandal. Only 21 percent supported the government’s policy of pushing ahead without change or review.

At all previous stages of its IR development policies, polls have shown a public majority opposed to the Abe government initiative, but the scandal has intensified this opposition.

On January 20, the main opposition parties are planning to jointly submit legislation that would abolish the 2016 IR Promotion Act, although the Abe government is expected to easily defeat this move, in spite of public opinion.