Neighbours foil raid on illegal casino


More than 200 police raided the illegal Tao Poon casino in a residential building in Bangkok’s Bang Sue district but failed to make any arrests. The casino, which had nine tables, was previously raided in 2011 and the Anti-Money Laundering Office this year froze ownership of the site. This time, after a week’s planning, 50 arriving detectives found entry points to the casino fortified so climbed onto the roofs of neighboring buildings then used ladders and ropes to clamber to the casino’s roof, putting rubber sheets over rusted barbed wire there, but were attacked with projectiles by building residents. They eventually broke through and reached the casino floor where there were 30 gamblers, but were unable to arrest them as the arrival of 150 armed riot police providing back up was slowed for an hour as residents attacked them with rocks, sticks, fire extinguishers and boiling water. Two police fell from the roof during the operation and a third was hurt by a thrown tile. Two raids on other city casinos in late March netted nearly 400 suspected gamblers.