Nine overseas IR operators join Yokohama RFI process

At the explanation meeting held on Monday, the Yokohama municipal authorities released a breakdown of the 22 companies that have joined the RFI process, revealing that nine of them are international IR operators. A further six are domestic property developers.

The companies participating in the RFI are expected to a submit their reports and materials between September 10 and September 21. It didn’t name the individual companies.

The Yokohama municipal authorities intend to compile their own comprehensive report by March 2019, and then use it to determine whether or not they will move forward with an IR bid.

Business leaders in Yokohama have been sharply divided over the issue of including a casino within the development plans for Yamashita Pier. Since early 2017, Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi has insisted that her own position on the matter is a “blank slate.”