Olympics opening for casinos in Japan not certain

Speaking at the G2E conference in Las Vegas last week, an advisor to the Japanese government said that an opening ahead of the Olympics for any casino resorts would be ambitious.  The initial integrated resorts bill is expected to be submitted by this November to the Diet but may not be debated until the Spring session.  

Officials last week said they would attempt to introduce the second part of the bill which would auction licenses for operating the casinos and require detailed financial and design plans within the next year.  Kiso however said that all this depends on everything going completely smoothly, the operators being able to secure financing in time and navigate the local customs and bureacracy, and for there to be sufficient labour to build the resorts as well as all the infrastructure required for the Olympics.  For this reason Kiso, who is CEO of International Casino Institute Ltd., is advising the government to wait until after the Olympics to open any casinos.  In Kiso’s opinion, it will be the international operator who chooses the best local partner who will win the concession.