Sarawak police seek dice killer


Sibu police are hunting for a bettor who allegedly cut the throat of Hasreh Ismail, the banker running an illegal holo dice game. Three other bettors were arrested. The five men involved in the game are construction workers at an Islamic Council building. The alleged attacker had lost heavily in the betting and accused Hasreh of cheating.

Meanwhile in Miri, police arrested six immigrants from Indonesia and the Philippines and 11 locals for suspected illegal online gambling and seized 19 computers in two raids. In Kuching, a drink stall operator was arrested for selling illegal lottery tickets. Police said he was believed to have been covertly selling tickets for six months and had made up to M$10,000 ($3,100). An Indonesian man was also fined M$4,000 after pleading guilty to operating an internet gambling center in the Sarawak state capital.