Sega Sammy seeks future as major international IR operator

Sega Sammy Holdings released its 150-page “Integrated Report 2018” this week in which, among other things, the company proclaims its intention to be “on an equal footing with world-famous IR operators” both domestically and internationally.

The key passages came in the published comments of the two top leaders, Chairman and CEO Hajime Satomi and his son, President and COO Haruki Satomi.

Regarding the Japan IR market, the elder Satomi explained, “Many companies have announced their intention to participate. However, I want the group to hold the majority of projects and develop businesses in a broad range of fields with casino operations as the central focus.”

He added, “At present, we are laying the foundations for participation by accumulating know-how through Paradise City and other resorts, establishing financial resources, and conducting multifaceted investigation and analysis. If we can realize participation and build successful businesses, it will open up a wide range of possibilities for the group going forward, including the expansion of businesses in the global market using the know-how gained from such successes.”

The younger Satomi put emphasis on another aspect of the company’s strategy: “The Sega Sammy Group acquired licenses for the manufacture and sale of gaming machines in the US State of Nevada in December 2017. As well as securing a sales channel in a third market—together with our sales channels in Macau and the Philippines, where we already have licenses—the acquisition of these licenses has great strategic significance.”

He went on to elaborate, “In acquiring the license, the group underwent multifaceted inspections of information relating to governance, compliance, financials, and taxes. Further, individual group executives were scrutinized. Official recognition of conformity with the world’s most exacting gaming-related standards will be advantageous not only when seeking IR licenses in Japan but also when collaborating with overseas partners.”

Summing up, Haruki Satomi asserted, “As the only domestic corporate group on an equal footing with world-famous IR operators, the group will express a strong determination to participate in the IR industry and steadily move forward with preparations.”


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