Slot halls face new Vietnamese restrictions

From October 1, casinos and slot halls will only be allowed to be opened within five-star hotels under a new government decree. Many of Vietnam’s 40-odd gambling parlors are now in three- or four-star hotels; they will be allowed to remain but will be allowed to have only one slot machine for every five rooms in the hotel unless their investment certificate specifies a higher allotment. Currently, four-star hotels can host up to 75 machines.

Despite some reports that Hanoi was considering giving locals some gambling hall access, the directive says that halls can be fined up to 200 million dong ($9,480) for allowing entry to anyone without a foreign passport. Gamblers caught cheating will be subject to fine of up to 100 million dong while those “causing disorder” can be fined up to 30 million dong. Gambling halls can be fined up to 100 million dong and have their business certificate suspended for two months if they fail to maintain a register of gamblers.