Spinola Gaming pushes for digitization of state-run lotteries

Spinola Gaming

Malta-based Spinola Gaming is offering to take state-run lotteries and similar operations in emerging markets online and into the digital world.

The firm is targeting governments and businesses in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific which have traditionally operated in a paper environment.

CEO Ade Repcenko explained, “Due to the uptake in mobile transactions, especially in younger generations and in emerging markets, lottery operations across many parts of the globe are seeing the need to add online to their offering or fear losing out on a younger generation of players who traditionally don’t play lotteries or even frequent the outlets where such lotteries are sold.”

He added, “Another major advantage to operators is that they get more insight into their players, their habits and preferences which enables them to become more targeted and effective in their marketing, produce more sales with less marketing spend, and communicate special promotions and offers directly to their players, something which is very hard to do when operating through retail-only channels.”