Tonga government tentatively approves casino

A company looking to build a casino in the Kingdom of Tonga has reportedly been given tentative approval from the government, Radio New Zealand reports.

According to the news outlet, one of the directors of Tavake Tamafua Ltd, the firm behind the proposed casino, said they were on the verge of fulfilling requirements to move on to the next step.

The company said it received a letter from government minister Tevita Lavemaau saying that government supports the initiative to establish a casino and will grant an exclusive right under conditions to build in Tonga within the next two years.

The conditions, according to Tavake Tamafua’s Havea Gatti, is that the company will be required to invest over US$450 million in infrastructure.

Gambling however, is currently illegal in Tonga.

Mr. Gatti said that regulations would need to be changed before a license could be granted.