Trial commences over missing $1 million Cambodian casino investment


Trial began in Singapore on claims by businessman Chua Kwee Sin who says he gave S$1.39 million ($1.09 million) to Buddhist monk Meow Di for the joint development of a casino in Cambodia. He says that when he sought the monk’s counsel in 2009, he was advised a casino would be a safer option than the oil venture Chua originally planned and that the monk’s men would run the venture.  However the casino did not materialize and Chua says he failed to recover his money. Venerable Meow Di says he merely introduced Chua to William Tan, who was chief executive of gaming operator Golden Empire Group, and that he has no business interests himself. Tan, who is in turn being sued by Venerable Meow Di to absorb any liability, denies he received money from Chua and says the deal was between Chua and Venerable Meow Di .