Unity Technologies to contribute to VR/AR gambling conference

Amir Ebrahimi, the main programming engineer at Unity Technologies, will speak in the Developer stream at the inaugural VR/AR technologies in gambling conference.

Ebrahimi will explain why it is worth counting on VR in 2017 and share the latest developments in VR technology.

He has 14 years of experience in running difficult and successful projects.

At VR|AR Gambling Conference Amir Ebrahimi will speak on “State of the VR industry in 2017”. Topics will include: Secrets of successful work with VR in 2017; Views on business and market, design and technical parts of VR; Existing VR apps in various industrial sectors with the focus on gambling; Forecasts for the development of the VR industry which will define the evolution of the gambling market in the nearest future.

The developer stream will also feature: Ishay Tentser, CEO at Initech with the presentation “Personalization via chatbots brings more leads and better gaming experience,” and Artur Sychev, business angel at I-MMERSIVE GmbH with the presentation “Live streaming in VR — new dimension in gambling & entertainment”.