Asia mobile gambling markets outlook

    Published in: Latest Intelligence   The Mobile Gaming market in the Asia-Pacific region is as diverse as the nations in this market. There are a range of trading currencies, platforms, and game preferences making it difficult to adopt a cohesive strategy for the region. Mobile gaming is enjoying solid growth in terms of revenue and market share. Research and Markets estimates mobile gaming to hit $54 Billion in global market value by 2015. The Asian region leads the mobile gaming market with approximately 40 percent market stake. The greater Asia-Pacific region, as well as emerging markets, such as the Middle East are also high growth areas.  Research and Markets forecasts that the total number of global mobile subscribers will reach approximately 7 billion by 2015 with Asia representing 65 percent of this total, representing the leading region.  While China and India account for nearly 75 percent of the top 10 countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,...

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