Australia federal reforms imbroglio

    Published in: Latest Intelligence Two years ago when precommitment was first being floated, manufacturers and operators came out in unison to say it was a political issue put forward by a weak minority government, and not an industry issue. The industry position remains to this day, that the National Gambling Reform introducing precommitment under a novel federal regulatory structure, has been at best, a waste of time in a game played out in the political arena. The significant change under the National Gambling Reform is that for first time, the Australian federal government has legislated to regulate gaming machines. Prior to Act No. 193 of 2012, states and territory had full control over deciding what they felt was best for their constituents going forward, thus making Australia a jurisdictional compliance nightmare to navigate. The bizarre part of the regulatory scheme, implemented at the federal level, is that it requires the “cooperation” of...

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