Betting operators: Act on fixing or be forced to

    Published in: Latest Intelligence   By Chris Eaton Director Sport Integrity The International Centre for Sport Security       Sport and sport gambling are two sides of a coin, even if sport itself is in many ways unenthusiastic about the relationship. Some in sports are even contemptuous of the link but this ultimately will be to their own cost. There never has been and there never will be a way of entirely dissociating these two acutely human entertainments. While gamblers can bet on most sports, football, or “soccer” as it is called by our less global cousins, is by a long measure the most gambled on sport globally. Many of the players in top European competitions originate from other parts of the world. Nearly 30 percent of players with top European clubs come from Africa and nearly 15 percent from South America.  Some club and league owners, managers and administrators also hail from these regions. In short, the...

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