Casinos face challenge in avoiding reopening headaches

Courtesy: Macau Photo Agency

The Covid-19-mandated lockdown of global casinos is one of the biggest crises the industry has had to face and getting the reopening right once the pandemic subsides is also going to present a major challenge. “Reactivating a moth-balled business operation, particularly one as complex as a casino, major club or hotel isn’t just as simple as opening the doors and turning on the lights, taps, tables, machines, burners,” said Geoff Wohlsen, an Australian gaming consultant. “Property operations will be like an athlete going back to the field after some time off with injury. Things will be clunky. Some key staff team members won’t be there to paper over the deficiencies of new staff. So ‘Business As Usual’ conditions won’t be what you’ll get in the immediate post COVID world.” Part of this process is figuring out the demand conditions of your market post-COVID-19.  Tangam Systems’ Ari Mizrachi, SVP of Casino Operations & Strategy...

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