CEO face time needed to improve customer experience


In my visits to casino properties in Macau, Philippines, and Singapore, I find that top executives are ensconced out of the public eye, their offices sometimes located in the basement or in a building away from the casino premises. Consequently, they have little contact with their customers. Sure, they may make an appearance at one or two functions a year and subject the audience to platitudes about how important customers are and how grateful the company is to have these valued customers; these remarks are just, you guessed it, platitudes. When direct, regular, face-to-face contact with customers is missing, the CEO makes vital decisions impacting customers on the basis of second- or third-hand information. These decisions have a far-reaching impact on the survival and growth of the casino property and may cost millions by way of implementation and impact. Decisions such as setting up a customer management system (CMS), implementing...

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