ETG island casinos to round out China offer

    Published in: Latest Intelligence   Those ambling around the beaches of Samoa next year might expect the traditional scent of young taro leaves baked in coconut cream to waft from seaside shacks and instead be surprised to catch the fragrance of jasmine tea and boiled rice.  The aroma of Chinese food is likely to become more commonplace in Samoa and its fellow Pacific island of Yap in Micronesia as well as the Maldivian atoll of Huvadhu as China’s Exhibitions and Travel Group pushes the development of huge resorts featuring gambling and golf.  The projects represent ETG’s attempt to seize a bigger piece of the value chain that channels Chinese gamblers to casinos around the world keen for their favor. ETG’s Panda Travel agency already claims to arrange a million international trips a year for Chinese travelers, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Micronesian, Maldivian and Samoan resorts would allow ETG to fill...

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