Illegal lotteries prove tough to stamp out

    Published in: Latest Intelligence Illegal lotteries, popularly known as “jueteng”, have proved difficult to stamp out in the Philippines despite concerns that they are fuelling corruption. The illegal numbers games are usually based on the popular three-digit lotto offered by the government-regulated Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). In the legal PCSO version, players buy tickets at official lotto outlets and choose any three number combinations for P10 each. A player can win up to P4,500 (approx. US$100). In the illegal version, winning combinations are based on the official PCSO draws but a P10 bet on the three numbers could win P5,000, higher than the prize money offered by the PCSO. The game appeals to ordinary people because the gambling stake can be low, it is simple to play, and the results are known quickly. The odds make it particularly appealing; payouts are 400 times the amount of the initial bet. The game...

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