Macau adopts new EGM regulations

    Published in: Latest Intelligence To say that Macau has lacked regulations on EGMs and related equipment is an understatement, given that prior to the Administrative Regulation 26/2012 approved on November 16, there was little else on paper to cling to. That’s not to say the market was unregulated: the local Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) has enforced guidelines set forth in the generic gaming law directly with the gaming operators and suppliers. In the making since late 2002, the new regulation comes, above all, to legitimize the business. Should something happen to any other revenue streams – touch wood – EGMs are now “safe” and regulated. If the changes at the operational ground level are conceptually limited – given DICJ continuous oversight – the ramifications at a corporate and consumer level are far and wide. AGB’s advisor Luís Mesquita Melo discusses the full extent of Administrative Regulation 26/2012 in a legal...

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