Malaysia going to the polls, potential policy shift

    Published in: Latest Intelligence   Malaysia’s general election on May 5 could produce a political earthquake that would possibly see the end of the 57-year reign of the Barisan Nasional (National Front) and usher in a new three-party coalition that would include the conservative rural Parti Islam se-Malaysia, or PAS. The Islamist party, the strongest member of the coalition, has previously restricted lottery ticket sales after winning power in individual states and some in the party have talked of shutting down Resorts World Genting, the country’s sole casino and the flagship property of Genting Group’s expanding global gambling empire. Yet even if the opposition does manage to beat the Barisan, an emerging spirit of pragmatism in PAS suggests there will be little change to gambling policy. At the moment, the opposing coalitions appear to be running neck and neck in the polls and sources in Kuala Lumpur say the result is too close...

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