Marketing casinos in China

    Published in: Latest Intelligence The subtle art of inference: Wavering regulators, a lack of explicit guidelines and standards that vary across media are among the challenges casinos face when formulating advertising and marketing  campaigns in China Chow Yun-fat, one of Hong Kong’s most famous actors, threw a pair of dice which morphed into ice cubes before falling into a glass of whisky in a television advertisement to promote the opening of the original Crown Macau casino hotel. A hotel receptionist in the ad then laid out key cards on the front desk for the star of the movie God of Gamblers in the style of a croupier laying out a hand.  Allusions to gaming were laid on thick, but there was no explicit reference to gambling and at no point did a casino appear. Chow was rumoured to have received $25 million to film the 2007 ad, which involved studios in Germany and...

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